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What is diversity factor and how to calculate it

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What is diversity factor and how to calculate it..

Answer / g.v.suresh kumar


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What is diversity factor and how to calculate it..

Answer / zaman

what is diverisity factor and what is the diverisity factor
of busbar

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how the fan is switched off immediately switching off the switch?

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I have a question, I visit 01 site and face a problem, there is 2.5 ton Air Con working, when air con compressor is running at that time rectifier voltages are increasing upto 290-295 v and rectifier is giving main high alarm (rectifier is APC single phase, before starting compressor rectifier voltages was 230v. when air con is going off rectifier voltages are decreasing smoothly at its actual voltages 230v. Load on Genset phases is this: Red-13.5 amp AC (Air Con load), Yellow-1.7 amp AC (BTS lights etc.) and Blew-4 amp AC (telecom system load), Genset phase to phase and neutral to phase voltages are also ok. These are 10 sites having same system and same rectifier APC brand at every site 02 genset are working but the problem is same at all these 10 sites. What will be the reason behind???

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what happen if field of dc shunt motor opens? what is function of putting res. in parallel to one phase of 3 phase IM? the power supplied by 5A source in circuit is given by------Watt.

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how u calculate ups battery backup

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If we have two nodes A and B and Vab is the potential difference between these nodes then which node is called reference node a.node A b.node B c. Ground node

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What is the purpose of REACTOR in GIS substation?

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Can a dc motor works as a dc generator. If yes , then how?

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how can decide the current rating of oltc

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How much is the starting current for HPMV lamps. How many lamps can u wire in a circuit

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My system is 22kv/3.3kv transformer. client is asking to use NGR, but as we have dedicated Neutral Earthing systems which has a value less than 1 Ohm. So i want solid comparision. Why i should not use NGR as my system is already protected.Can any one help me to get out of should i reply on basis of some great comparision and calculations. Please help

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what is the correct format to create a resume for interview??

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What is maximum AC & DC transmission voltage in India? and where?

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