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Steel Plant Interview Questions
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what is a far pointer

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Asia?s largest wind farm of 28 MW is located in which of the following states? (A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Gujarat (C) Rajasthan (D) Maharashtra

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how much salary r u expecting?

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Rourkela Steel Plant was set up in Collaboration with 1 Germany 2 Britain 3 Sussia 4 France

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I want question papers for khalasi, gangman, trackman, safaiwala, etc., urgent.Recent question papers.

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if you short the any 2phase(R,Y,B),why fuse get blown?

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I am applying for vizag steel plant management recruitment for 2009 please can anybody send me the pattern of the written test paper

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please give me the syllabus and sample questions if possible for Instrumentation for Vizag Steel plant MT (Trainee) 2009 exam

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how many frequent start/stop operation possible in case of HT MOTORS.

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Diploma Mechanical Engineer i had attened more over 100 interviews they are all asking the same question "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF"

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what is the differnce b/w voltage and current

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what is %impedanece

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how many types of threads are used in mechanical industry

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Lamps in street lighting are all connected in a) Series b) Parallel c) Series parallel d) End to End

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Steel Plant Interview Questions
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