How much energy save vfd if motor run on 50 Hz (full speed)

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How much energy save vfd if motor run on 50 Hz (full speed)..

Answer / harikesh yadav

If VFD Motor run 50HZ Full Speed then VFD saved energy
From starting Jurk Load because not taken jurk load
starting time.

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How much energy save vfd if motor run on 50 Hz (full speed)..

Answer / nagaraj

VFD stands for variable frequency drive.Change in frequency changes the RPM , which is directly proportional.

Synchronous speed = 120 x f/p

Here 120 is constant, f stands for frequency and p for no. of poles. The operating frequency in INDIA is 50 Hz.

Operating frequency is set at 50Hz, motor runs at rated speed, so no savings in power consumption.

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How much energy save vfd if motor run on 50 Hz (full speed)..

Answer / mayukh maiti


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