well, i m new in sap..may i know what is customer hirarchy,
how does it work...and how to configure it in the system?

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well, i m new in sap..may i know what is customer hirarchy, how does it work...and how to configur..

Answer / sunil

customer hierarchiey means , it is complex structure of
customer master data. Some customer having their
indipendent office and they are responsible for their
purchasing and other trnsctions also.as a whole they will
manage for trasction. they have separate a/c group. IN
PARTNER DETERMINATION you can configure and arrange your

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well, i m new in sap..may i know what is customer hirarchy, how does it work...and how to configur..

Answer / durga

best example for customer hierarchy is retailing outlets

Big bazar/food bazar/reliance fresh......etc as customer is
one but segrigated......

and each outlet is created as node

and try ....customer hierarchy (vdh1)

Correct me if any thing wrong

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