What is IDOC?

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Answer / senthil kumar.t

It is an standard intermediate document used in EDI/ALE
process used in transferring the business objects to
business partners and in distribution of master data to the
diff plants which belongs to diff company codes.

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Answer / phaneendra

Idoc is an intermediate document or data container for ALE
and EDI.

Idoc structure has control records,data records and
status records.

Control record : has the details of partner profil,port etc.

Data records : it has segments which holds the actual
content of the transaction or document.

Status records :it indicates with number in which state your
idoc is.i,e whether successfully created or it has any errors.

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Answer / sravan

IDoc is nothing but a container of data.
It holds the data which is to be transferred to other
IDoc holds the data in CHAR format.
just like a word document which is used to send data to
others, Idoc is used to send Business related data to send
data to other system.

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Answer / narasimha

IDoc (for intermediate document) is a standard data structure for electronic data interchange (EDI) between application programs written for the popular SAP business system or between an SAP application and an external program.

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