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In Your Opinion if Recruting is not downloading the
Resume . If you have Ideal Job and in your Opinion
Recruitment is not Downloading Resumes Then Lets Speak

In Your Opinion if Recruting is not downloading the Resume . If you have Ideal Job and in your Opi..

Answer / satish varma

Any one Who has to Answer This quesation Should be Very

Carefull as it is Trapped Quesation by the H.R. The answer

should be like this


2.Concept of an ideal job-
The concept of the ideal job is, I believe, fraught with
danger. As long as I believe that there is a single job
that will make me truly happy, then i am immediately
limiting my actions and beliefs in searching for it. I set
myselves up for failure with expectations that the answer
will "come" to me, or that a job needs to be perfect.

A clearly structured process will help me to define the
parameters of work that are important for me , rather than
specific jobs. For example

- preferred industries

- work type (full or part time etc)

- working hours

- travel

- level of autonomy or team work

- desired income

- responsibility

- skills you want to use

- location and so on.

Once i am clear on the parameters, perhaps i have even
prioitised them for their importance and then i evaluate
my career options against them

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