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what to say to get postive openion if an interviewer asks
about strength & weeknennes?

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What is Procedure to remitt provident fund and Employees State Insurance ? When and where to remitt? mention in detail.

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Is wheather system administration is related to human resource . what is meant by HRIS, because in my current company i am working as system administor, but my job titile refers me as HR management and admin specialist. i need a clear clarity because i completed my MSW in "HRM".. i am really in a confused state

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How does your experience and qualifications match up to the job?

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i have done M.S. in organic chemistry and now i got admission in M.B.A. (human resource management) for usa one sister is in london and another sister is in USA ,i am refused for visa becoz of them ,they said i won't come back after study.

0 Answers   US Consulate,

I am pursuing my MBA from ICFAI thru correspondence. Would it be helpful for me if I work as a recruiter in any consultancy r company. since I am getting those offers and am unable to decide whether it would be helpful for me or not. My specialization is HR-IT.

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How can we communicate as realistic a picture as possible of a job and of the organization to prospective employees? What kinds of issues are most crucial to them?

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i want to join bhel because?

1 Answers   Bhel,

"Recruitment is positive but selection is negative".justify the statement.

7 Answers   Amuco Inc, TCS,

I want to know, how is the scope for recruiters in the future after 3 to 4 years?

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What measures would you institute to minimize lost work days from on-the-job injuries?

1 Answers   TCS,

compansation,leaves,salary,labour ligislations iso 2009

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what is procedure by hr Recruiters from start to selection

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