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What is mean CT Saturation? How to calculate?

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What is mean CT Saturation? How to calculate?..

Answer / guest

CT saturation cannot be calculated, it is tested with some
instruments.CT saturation is to know at which point of
current the CT gets saturated and so the CT is no more
correct.If we are going to test A CT of ratio 100:5A than a
variable power supply through an ammeter in series and a
volt meter in parallel is connected to the secondary of the
CT.(the part the ammeter is usually connected). A graph has
to be plotted so all readings has to be recorded.First a low
voltage is fed to the CT through the variable power supply until the ammeter shows 1 amp.Say at 10 volts you got 1 amp,
it is recorded. likewise the voltage is increased till the amp meter reads 2 amps and than 3 amps.The readings are
taken till you will come to a point the ammeter reading and
the voltmeter reading is no more proportionate.
This readings are used to plot a graph with the vertical
axis for the voltage and the horizontal for the amps So you
will get a graph at 0 volt 0 amp and at 10 volts 1 amp and
so on
At one point say 10 amps you will find a small increase in
voltage will produce in a very high amp reading. This point
is known as the knee point or the saturation point.

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What is mean CT Saturation? How to calculate?..

Answer / suneel kumar

I think that C.T. Saturation means attaining a steady state
of current in the secondary of the C.T. when the primary is
at either at no load or normal load. i don't know about its
calculations. i will find the correct answer n will come back

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What is mean CT Saturation? How to calculate?..

Answer / raseelrasheed

at first keep the primary and secondary of ct get opened
and connect the kit to secondary of ct,measure and note the
voltage and current and plot the relation graph,
we can see saturation at a point where 10% increase in
voltage causes 50% rise in current.this point is known as
knee point of saturation.

it can also find automatically using modern test kits like
omicron ct analyser etc

hope my answer helpful for u

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