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Trident Interview Questions
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why you join the hotel industry?

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. The first muslim invader in India was (1) Changez Khan (2) Muhammad Ghori (3) Muhammad of Ghazni (4) Muhammad-bin-Qasim

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What do you know about us?

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what is the role of proportional in process control?

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which one of follwoing will read a character from keyboard and store in c a)c=getc() b)c=getchar() c)c=getchar(stdin) d)getc(&c) e)none

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why colour of electrical equipment( like transformer) is grey

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what is the silt(for sand) allowed persentage as per IS CODE B/W: PLASTER: CONCRETE :

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What is the pressure of fuel oil on main engine and diesel generator?


What is DCS?

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what is the difference between elcb and rccb ?


What is the formula to find out the kvar required to improve the powerfactor from .85 to .99 at 1500kw, 415v.

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can we find the inductance of a induction motor?


What is the winding resistsnce need to be in a 1000kva, 11kv/415v transformer, between ht winding to lt winding, ht winding to earth, lt winding to earth.?

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How would you do Security Testing for web application?

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Horizontal balance sheet versus Vertical balance sheet


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1.What is Ipconfig? What purpose u can use it? 2.How can u know what ports are busy in ur machine? 3.How can u know particular port is free/ not in ur machine? 4.How many drivers in JDBC? Which Driver u r using? Why?


accounting principles, accounting concepts,meaning of managment and financial accounting and cost accounting.


why todays students are moving towards the engineering?


what is a grn in terms of accounting ? what is a grnthroughpo in terms of purchase order? what is a direct grn?


Hi SAP friens, i am a beginner in SAP-FICO and started giving interviews...i am struggling and lost couple of interviews because I couldnot tell any tickets/issues...can you help me by sending some tickets/issues to my mail id - would be of great help to me to clear the interview...please help.


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why marketing is process of gardening not hunting?


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