What is the difference between open sql & native sql ?

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Answer / manikandan

native sql : are not checked and converted they are sent
directly to the database system.allows to use database
specific sqql statements in an abap program.

Open sql: it will work on any r/3 system regardless of the
database system in use.

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Answer / nasreen

Open SQL allows you to access all database tables known to
the SAP system, regardless of the database manufacturer.
Sometimes, however, we may want to use database-specific
SQL statements called Native SQL in your ABAP/4 program. To
avoid incompatibilities between different database tables
and also to make ABAP/4 programs independent of the
database system in use, SAP has created a set of separate
SQL statements called Open SQL.

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Answer / g.jayaprakash

open sql is not confined to any particular type of database
while a native sql is confined to a particular one.

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Answer / sugandha verma

ABAP Native SQL allows you to include database-specific SQL
statements in an ABAP program. Most ABAP programs containing
database-specific SQL statements do not run with different
databases. If different databases are involved, use Open
SQL. To execute ABAP Native SQL in an ABAP program, use the
statement EXEC. Open SQL (Subset of standard SQL
statements), allows you to access all database tables
available in the R/3 System, regardless of the manufacturer.
To avoid conflicts between database tables and to keep ABAP
programs independent from the database system used, SAP has
generated its own set of SQL statements known as Open SQL.

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