what is search help exit ????

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How do we create the Field exits?

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Companies in India which are working in SAP-ISU?

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what all we can see in TMG? what is its use?

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i have a doubt ,what is the difference between the workarea and headerline . plz tell me .

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How do you create a table?

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Table ztest has a secondary index on the following fields: tnum, tcode. Select * from ztest where tnum ne '123' and tcode = '456'. Why is the index not used in the above case? Choices: a) Indexes are not allowed on Z tables b) Variables must be used, NOT literals c) Select individual fields, not select * d) Client is not in the where clause e) NE invalidates the use of an index Info: Can someone explain in detail why this happened? It will be really helpful to handle to case in Secondary index:

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how 2 create the normal form by using functional module

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how can we print both side in smartforms? what connects smartform to it's driver program? in which event validation is done?

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In which particular scenario we use sorted table and which particular scenario we use standard table?

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what is the work of buffer in sap ?

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how to debug background jobs?

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why cluster tables are not buffered

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