while i check zero check for dp flow transmitter some fluctuating came (0 to 458 kg/h) what is the reason?

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what is difference b/w the solinoid volve and autodrain?

3 Answers  

Is Hart communicator calibration device or communicating device for transmitter?

4 Answers   Yokogawa,

Dear Sir/Madam, I am attending an interview for ETs in BHEL. I have cleared my written test under Electronics (Instrumentation). This is the first time I am appearing for an interview. Can any one who has attended the interview earlier give me a clue to face the interview. With regards Sindhu

2 Answers   Siemens,

what is instrument termination

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hiii.... can any one provide me previous years question paper of hindustan petroleum for instrumentation engineering???

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what do you mean by smart instruments?explain with example

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If a control valve is hunting means means if we are giving 50% to the cv, the cv will open at 51% then slowly slwoly it will reaches 49% , so what to do for solve this problem. The cv is double acting and mounted for anti surge operation, it having 4 nos. volume booster, one sov, one positioner, etc..?

0 Answers   QAFCO,

Why three wire is using with a RTD?

3 Answers   ABB, MAHINDRA,

What is upsampling and downsampling?

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1)What is the suitable MOC for flow meters working at temperature between 200 - 250 cen. 2)In which application the mass flow meters are not advisable 3)Is it advisable to use radiation type or radar type instrument for non contact application

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what is the relation between flow and pressure.for example relationship between level and pressure is p = phg like that i want ans for this question.and also how to calculate orifice sizing and flow transmitter. pls some one ans for this questions.

3 Answers   Orchid, SRF,

how to measure the output of RTD given the general formula of  rtd.  

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