while i check zero check for dp flow transmitter some fluctuating came (0 to 458 kg/h) what is the reason?

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Why 4ma - 20ma signal used in instrumentation??

5 Answers  

How a rtd work, and what volts/current goes to a RTD to measure the resistence?

1 Answers   DVC,

what is function test.

1 Answers   Takreer,

can you tell me how many stages in steam turbine of 10 MW power plant

2 Answers  

what is function of ESD , and how is it work, explain with difination

1 Answers   Bapco Bahrain Petroleum Company, BMB,

difference b\w a transducer and a sensor

4 Answers  

1. what is 3 point calibration & 5 point calibration? 2. If we use hart communicator to set the LRV & URV of a smart transmitter, did we calibrate the transmitter? why? 3. Make a complet list if meterials needed to properly connect a pressure gauge to a steam pipe using 1/2 inch stainless steel tubing. The gauge connections is 1/2 inch NPT-M and the steam pipe tap has a 1/2 inch female coupling, compression fittings are use. 4. What are the tools in loop checking? 5. What would the ISA symbol of a square root extractor look like? 6. What would you do to completely prepare for the configuration? 7. What safety measures must you undertake when doing configuration? 8. what are the two most commonly use programming languages used when we configure a PLC? 9. What would you do if you accidentally skipped a step in the configuration procedure? 10. How would you know if the configuration were sucessful? 11. Name at least 3 selections available when we configure the burnout protection of a controller?

3 Answers   EI Electrotechnical Institute,

please send me some question papers of HPCL aptitude test ?? please send it to bipinb.28@gmail.com ...

0 Answers   HPCL,

on which principle control valve works?

3 Answers   Reliance, Lupin,


3 Answers   SAS,

The wire is disconnected from the temperature sending unit (magnetic gauge). A voltmeter connected to the wire reads 0v. What does this indicate?

2 Answers  

what is the analog input , analog output , digital output, digital input geven to the MSSV , CBD, IBD , START UP VENT , BOILER FEED PUMP , AOP, CEP , ETC

0 Answers   Bharat Biotech, TATA,

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