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Power Plant Interview Questions
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how is hazardous and non hazardous area classified?

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What is the difference between PLC & DCS?

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what is stiffness factor

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Which chemical is used as antiscalent in RO water treatement plant?

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With reference to construction of state highways, please let me know the total Bill Of Quantities as per the following details:- 1) Subgrade - 500 mm 2) Granular Sub-Base (GSB) - 200 mm 3) Wet Mix Macadam I (WMM I) - 150 mm 4) Wet Mix Macadam II (WMM II) - 100 mm 5) Dense Bituminous Macadam (DBM) - 60 mm 6) Bituminous Crust (BC) - 40 mm Road Length is 44 Kms. Road Width is 7 mtrs. Please provide the BOQ of each layer as per Compacted Factor & Loose Factor both. Also, if possible please provide me the approximate details of total material required (all categories viz. soil, gravel, stone aggregrate, sand, bitumen etc.) as per general mix design prevailing in India. Thanks & Regards -- Rokr


how to can we synchronize different capacity of DG sets.60kva& 250kva?

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When we open the door of refrigerator then we feel hot,why?

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What is the use of NULL meter on AVR panel

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Difference between electrical and electronics?

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Calibration of flow transmitter.

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Tell us how do you discharge your duties in your duty post


electical engg basic question

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How to calibrate level switch?

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Why reactive power is needed in a power system? How is it being absorbed or delivered by alternators? For reactive power control we are changing excitation but reactive power absorbing or delivering related to stator. How these two are interlinked? i want a detailed explanation with necessary expressions and figures?


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