how to select correct size of power cable for inverter duty motor

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why rating of motor in HP

2 Answers   MSL,

Can any one help me how to set an overload set the range from 2.8A to 4A , rated motor current 22A, CT 60/5A

2 Answers  

- two pumps must work with them at the same time but if the first pump start the second pump  must delayed for some time to start  also , with motor rated power = 90 KW and rated voltage = 380 V and rated power factor = 0.85 lag please draw the power and control circuit for it and determine all circuit components parameters that you use it

0 Answers  

In convertor can we use rectifier thyristor in place of invertor thyristor with explain.

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how Local Breaker Backup relay working?

1 Answers  

How to determine earth fault level to set relay for a normal distribution system of 11 kV , 100 A load????????

1 Answers   TCS,

There are a Transformer and an induction machine. Those two have the same supply. For which device the load current will be maximum? And why?

4 Answers  

if we look on phasor of the transformer vaoltage is 180 oppsite at primary and the secondary so to improve a power factor is secondary should kept negative to improve it primary side means is -.90 became +.90 at other side

0 Answers  

what is the disadvantage of leading power factor...why can't we use it (pf=0) for a long period of time?

10 Answers   Appco, snsce,

why we step down voltage level from 33kv to 11kv and 11kv to 415v.Instead we can step down voltage from 33kv to 415v directly using single transformer.

12 Answers   Adani, HCL, Central Electricals, Electrical, ABB,

why transformer impedance measure in % (percentage)

4 Answers   Hindalco,

Why cables and busbar both needed in LT Panels?

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