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Electrical Tech Interview Questions
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What is the difference between online ups and offline ups?

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7. What are tri-state devices and why they are essential in a bus oriented system?

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Why Ammeter is always connected in series in the circuit and Voltmeter in parallel?

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Why Transformer in KVA?

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transformers parts & function of each parts

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Why different types of connection in transformers are used? (star/star,star/delta,delta/star,delta/delta)Why we are only taking in consideration of star/delta type transformers? if only star/delta is good in practice where doses other type of transformers are used? Note: i want to know place of using different types of transformers other than Star/delta type with brief description.

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what is the use of earthing ?

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old question paper for rrb junior electrical engineer and refrence book

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if the supply voltage increased by N times, the x-section of conductor will be.........

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For refrigerators the motor current is raised beyond its rating on both conditions when the voltage of the system is more(say 270v) than the rated voltage(220v) as well as when the voltage of system is less(say 160v) than normal voltageof 220v, why explain?


Dear sir/mam please send the last 5 years {JUNIOR ENGINEER - ELECTICAL, ELECTRONICS RRB chennai } TECHNICAL, General Knowledge,and Aptitude question papers to my mail id

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11 kv line me tino phase takra jaye to present time me approximately voltage aur current kya hoga...

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what are the types of electromagnetic forces developed in practical transformer?


How many capacitors using in LT panel as per Govt rules?


If anybody knows the recruitment procedure of IOTL & POWER MECHANICAL. send me the placement papers if u hav... very urgent ...


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Electrical Tech Interview Questions
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