Explain the userexits any two?

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as sap sd functional consultant tell me about debugging

2 Answers   Bosch,

I recently faced an interview question i.e A customer has 2 materials one is third party mat(TAS),Second one is normal mat(TAN)..These both items entered in one sales order and his requirement is he wanted in single invoice with out splitting? How can we do this?

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What is the difference between Excisegroup and Series group.

1 Answers   IBM,

after pgi what are the documents will be genererated?

6 Answers  

What is the difference between KOFI and KOFK?

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How alternate condition base value?

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In v/08 what is the significance of assigning pricing type like carry out new pricing etc.

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Hey hi........ I need 2 attend an interview...... presently am workin as SAP-SD support consultent, plz guide me wat the questions wil b asked by an interviwer as I go further as a consultent.... plz rply me urgently.......... I would be very grateful to you for your timely help.Thanks in advance. Regards

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What are the areas you identified in your current project please tell the answer of this question

1 Answers   Cap Gemini,

what si the difference between vk11 & vk31?

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what type of tools do u use after creation of a sales order for quality checks???

1 Answers   Satyam,

Guys I have one issue, Its intercompany sales process, I am doing two partial deliveries for that order, for billing the first billing, I am getting correct one intercompany invoice IV and F2 but for another delivery I am getting two IV and 1 f2, Anyone have any idea?

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