explain house bank flow without telling the configuration

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What is the Tcode to process debit and credit memos? How are customer and vendor (dr/cr.) memos are created?

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In GL Master Record creation (FS00) for what type of accounts do we need to select "Open Item Management" in the control data field? Why ? Explain the concept

8 Answers   IBM,

I configured sales/purchase a/c & i'm posting customer invoice with f-22 ok tax is calculating ! whree as in the same way if i post vendor invoice with F-43 i am selecting calculate tax, ok the tax cattegeory not visibling which meens we should select tax cattegeroy then only tax will calculate, now i can post but tax not calculating. finally customer invoice tax is calculating not a proble. kindly can anybody help the same where i did mistake.

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please any body can tell me ,what reponsibilities and roles should a sap fico consultant do in the job

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What are the documents require for Born in sale in relation to sales tax?

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Any one can help me abot any tickets in suport project in GL, AR, AP Please send me any issues on that with answer

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What kind of requests you handle?

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How do you configure multiple currency and foreign currency valuations?

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Could you please explain about the ASAP methodology?

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In initial project resources how can u distribute 1 crore amount among various modules like FI,CO,HR,PP,MM,SA,ABAP & BASIS etc.

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Hi Where does Solution Manager Client comes into Effect.Is it another Client apart from Development client,Q/A Client,and Production Client. Or where does this comes into Effect.

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I have two companies one is parent company & another sister company. Both companies have same vendors & customers. Can I assign dunning procedure for both comapnies?

4 Answers   Accenture,