explain house bank flow without telling the configuration

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IS it possible APP profit center wise ?? How??

2 Answers   SAP Labs,

In-house Cash functionality allows “Consolidate the request and make payment on behalf of subsidiaries. “ Can some one help me understand how this is different from Sending Company code and Paying company code concept?

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what r the differences between 4.7ee and ecc 5.0?

1 Answers   IBM,

1 suppose in f-02 you didnot fill any thing in profit center field ,then it will gives the error,what you have to do? 2 dummy profit center is mandatory/not?

3 Answers   IBM,

when transport save objects, where do they get transported?

0 Answers   Reliance,

What are the objects can archive in the SAP system and how for Finance Module ?

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2 Answers   HP,

SAP FICO support level interview questions

1 Answers   IBM, Sabero,

what are kinds of projects?

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how can I bank payment (standard/partial/residual) against purchasing document and WBS Element. how data will be flow in fbl3n

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Can u help me how to See in SAP Form 16 details. T CODE is PC00_M40_f16. my question is How to get computation details through above T COde.When i open through above T Code shows in One Line i.e Gross Salary.I want to see Gross salary detils. is their any other Tcode to see- Computation details! Kindly help me ASAP My mail ID jublee2009@rediffmail.com sherya

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