explain house bank flow without telling the configuration

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When issue material for subcontract order what general entry is generated what movement type have to configure and after receving the material when subcontract work is completed what journal entry generated and what movement type have to configure

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can any one give the configuration path of electronic bank statement. Plz, it's urgent.

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What are the features of APP programing

0 Answers   Wipro,

what is unit testing?what are the structures in unit testing?

5 Answers   IBM,

i am having total 10 invoices for a customer but i want to send only 5 invoices to that customer how can i do it?

1 Answers   Accenture,

What is the Tcode for downloading chart of accounts with reference to P&L and Balance Sheet. When i Download the Chart of Accounts with F.10 its showing only GL long text and GL Account number but i want to know whether the GL belongs to P&L OR Balance sheet

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all assets posting(sales, purchase and other)

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while configuration depreciation we have configured wrongly as 10% but it has to be 12%, after 2 years we need to change it, how will we do it and how to change past 2 years depreciation calculations and how to post the difference postings..

1 Answers   Infosys,

Automatic clearing Ib OB74 based on criteria I have defined document type and account no. and whether it cleared automatically or we have to go to F.13 do test run after that we will clear the document

0 Answers   Mind Tree,

is it possible partial payment thro APP ? If yes,please discuss the compleate process.

3 Answers   Credence,

company have 2 company codes, now they want to combine as one company code. as a consultant what advise you will give ?.

4 Answers   Accenture,

What is SLA ?

4 Answers   Satyam, C Ahead,