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A valve in series with an orifice plate (DP transmitter), is aligned for constant pressure in the pipeline, if there is an error dx, How to align it in process.

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please explain smoke detectore & lel detector?what is o/p

1 Answers  

How to convert milliampares into flow??

0 Answers  

In control engg. : Differences b/w 1st order & 2nd order system, graphically & theoretically ?

0 Answers  

What is the diffrence between ff tx and non ff tx

0 Answers   Jindal, Rosemount,

i want the equation of this question. Tranmitter range is 120 mmwc and dcs flow range is 1700 nm3/hr. if i want to change dcs range from 1700 to 2400 nm3/hr then how much dp i have to enter in transmitter

2 Answers   GMR,

in my company organisation in plan to take new PLC system for replacing old relay system , for that what I/P needsd to submit to the system house of PLC supplier?

1 Answers  

what is easiest way to read STL language in PLC?

0 Answers   LB Industries,

can i use 1 sq mm insted of 1.5 sqmm cable cable length 600 mts under ground laying Cable carrying 24 vdc 4-20ma current

2 Answers  

if the neutral and ground of ups voltege are connected together in the source itslef then why the voltege b/w neutral and ground comes positive in some other destination inspite of having earth pit. how can we mimmise this?

1 Answers   MPL,

What is expansion of SMART Instruments? And What is it?

35 Answers   Atesco,

What is the SCAN time of a DCS/PLC? What is the typical value for scan time of DCS and PLC?

6 Answers   Essar, Gasco, Siemens,

we re giviang 24v supply to transmitter and we getting output from tx?now my question is wht we call this complete proces?

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