In Asset accounting I have 10000 Assets with me and we have posted depreciation for all the 10000 assets for the month of March
Now we are in April and my account is saying that there are 5 assets need to be reversed due to some reason and he has asset numbers also, they are using ECC
Can this be done ? As a consultant what will be the solution you give on this scenario?

In Asset accounting I have 10000 Assets with me and we have posted depreciation for all the 10000 as..

Answer / hemant addala

1.If accounting period/fiscal year is closed and B/s is finalised and submitted for audit purpose, then you have to reverse the asset(ab08) doc in current fiscal year and run the depreciation(afab) and post it.

2.If fiscal year still open and not finalised for Audit, then you can reverse in current fiscal year. If fiscal year is closed it has to be open OB52 .

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