the pump holds on run indication into the dcs and filed local control panel remote push button condition operaton wrong like when the push button pushing conditions the pump is off and the push button release condition the pump is on totally opposite condition . And control room inside give the stop command into dcs just 1secon relay engage
and again normal condition. How can I slove

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What is the differences of Level swich( LS ) and Level Transmitter(LT)

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how micro-processor and micro controller different from architecture

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What is difference between scada and virtual instrumentation?

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units for vibration in power plant

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Advantages of servers over normal desktop in PLC SCADA system

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An atmospheric storage tank has a diameter of 20 m and a height of 8m.It is half-full of liquid with the remainder of the space containing air normally at atmospheric pressure. If the connection to atmosphere is accidentally closed off and 10 cubic m of liquid removed, what happens to the internal pressure of the tank? What are the possible consequences for the tank?

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what is function of SCADA , and how is it work, explain with difination

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HI friends.I am Surya a BTech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.I am going to appear Relince Industries Ltd all India writen test very soon. so plz help me by sendind the probable questions about my subject.My mail ID is

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Can someone give a detailed chart on the temperature ranges which can be measured by various temperature sensors.

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Where should we terminate the shield and why?

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what is the formula for calculating milliampere at different pressure points for eg 4-20 ma = 3-15 psi but if i have to check the ma at 4.6 ma?

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what is the difference between PLC & DCS

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