the pump holds on run indication into the dcs and filed local control panel remote push button condition operaton wrong like when the push button pushing conditions the pump is off and the push button release condition the pump is on totally opposite condition . And control room inside give the stop command into dcs just 1secon relay engage
and again normal condition. How can I slove

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what is wave length were using ?

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diff c and c++

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what is scale factor of proximitor & unit of the vibration.

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Is that Speed Probe and Vibration Probe sensors are same,if yes what is the diff b/w them?

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How can corrosion alter the accuracy and precision of a C- Bourdon tube pressure gauge?

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why we cant transmit the dc current easily

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please help me to get the below mentioned quires,which i have to submit for my client.[INSPECTION TEST PLAN] 1]I.T.P for Calibration of all instrument. 2]I.T.P for SS tubing. 3]I.T.P for Fire & Gas devices. 4]I.T.P for CCTV & telecommunication. 5] I.T.P for loop checking.

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for oil & gas industries which zone is normally preferred? why? give its example?

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what is the difference between Feedback controller and Feed forward controller. and when it is to be used.

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where can i find a flameproof hmi unit?

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in a electronic controller why we are using 250 ohm resistance in input signal?is i/p is necessary in control valve when we are using electronic controller give details?

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the basic of a DP flow transmitter are the following

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