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if in a level tx height is given, how u calculate the ranges
of the tx?

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if in a level tx height is given, how u calculate the ranges of the tx?..

Answer / m m chotrani

If you have got the height. Now Pressure = h x d x g

You have h, g is same inside the equipment.
You should get the density of the liquid whose level you
want to measure. suppose you are measuring level from 0 to
100%.your height is say 2000 mm and density is 1.3gm/cc
then P = h x d = 2000 x 1.3 = 2600mm.
Transmitter range will be 2600mm of water column.

Simply multiply height with density to get it in water

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if in a level tx height is given, how u calculate the ranges of the tx?..

Answer / s. kanniyappan

In case of Dry Leg
Span = (X)(Gl)
Hw at minimum level = (Z)(Gs)+(Y)(Gl)
Hw at maximum level = (Z)(Gs)+(X+Y)(Gl)

In case of Wet Leg
Span = (X)(Gl)
Hw at minimum level = (Y)(Gl)-(d)(Gs)
Hw at maximum level = (X+Y)(Gl)-(d)(Gs)

Gl=Specific gravity of tank liquid
Gs=Specific gravity of seal liquid
Hw=Equivalent head of Water
X=Max level
Y=Min level
Z=Distance b/w Datum and Transmitter.

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