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Adani Interview Questions
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why we step down voltage level from 33kv to 11kv and 11kv to 415v.Instead we can step down voltage from 33kv to 415v directly using single transformer.

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how can we print both side in smartforms?

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What is the full from of DR and CR ?

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Sir please send me the BHEL civil enginering trainee model Question papers.

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What is the maximum size(MVA)of power transformer available in the India/world?

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how is classified voltage level in generation,transmission & distribution system?,

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What is the difference between Personal account, Real Accounts and Nominal account?

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what you mean by current? what you mean by voltage? what is difference between star and delta connection in motor side?

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Party had Invoice forward Material & Service combine Bill raise & Service tax service amount on 10.30% raise so that it is service tax is right claim yes Or No.i have confused this invoice, i have TDS deduction and how persentage Deducted Pl reply

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what is spill current?

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Can i get technical questions asked in ADANI Power?????

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how to find ratio of CT & PT in 66/11kv 12 mva supply system ? explain with calculation.


Why 3 over-current and 1 earth fault relay is used on primary side of transformer? Why 2 over-current and 1 earth fault relay in used on secondary side of transformer?

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Can u start a tube light without a starter?

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Adani Interview Questions
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