Flow of SD and MM

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what is the use of 'split' in BDC? Is it related to some tab adjustment to the flat file during BDC?

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suppose you are using session method for 1000 records and there is error in 400 and 500 records.how many records will be updated to the database?

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how do the sub-total in sap scripts

2 Answers   ITC Infotech,

In the function module for reading text from the S.O header what needs to be specified?

1 Answers   IBM,

Where do you find info on new developments in SAP?

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What are dynamic modifications of a screen? explain in detail?

2 Answers   Accenture,

Hi, I have a requirement for locking the fax field in user master records. As you know user can edit the details using the System>profile>own data (SU3), it is causing some security threat to our model. What i want is users should not be able to change the fax field under communications when they get into su3.I have heard of user Exist functionality but don't know how to implement it. Can you suggest something, it will be greatly appreciated.

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difference between append and collect statement?

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What is logical data base

5 Answers   IBM,

I have 100 records and 75th record contains error,if i use call transaction how many records will update the data base and if i use session method how many will update?

2 Answers   Siemens,

Can any please explain me what r bundling technics in SAP?

2 Answers   IBM,


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