what is droop?

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what is droop?..

Answer / venkat

droop is a characteristic of a generator. It indicates
load sharing pattern of that particular machine. base load
station will have less droop,i.e. its generation will not
change much to changes in grid frequency. but peak load
station wil have higher droop, as it requires to absorb
more load when demand increases.( frequency drops)

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what is droop?..

Answer / ansab

The definition of droop is the amount of speed (or
frequency) change that is necessary to cause the main prime
mover control mechanism to move from fully closed to fully
open. In general, the percent movement of the main prime
mover control mechanism can be calculated as the speed
change (in percent) divided by the per unit droop.

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what is droop?..

Answer / sanju

Droop characterstics of an alternator are
(a) load vs frequency/speed ie effect of frequency change on
the load sharing of an alternator
(b) effect of changing ecitation of armature on the terminal
voltage of the alternator

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what is droop?..

Answer / sunil ahlawat

Droop is the
variation in
running rpm of an
generator when
moving from no
load to 100
percent load. It
is calculated in
percentage by
takin no loading
rpm as refrence

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what is droop?..

Answer / sri

droop indicates the sensitivity of the machine .
droop persentage indicates the RPM required to increase the
load from 0% to 100% .

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what is droop?..

Answer / sunil kumar kr

Droop is defined as a decrease in speed setting with increase in. Without some form of droop, it would be difficult to control the speed of engine with load changes..

Droop is expressed as a percentage of the original speed setting from no load to full load. It generally varies up to 5%. Generally 3% to 5%. Droop setting below 2.5% should be avoided considering the stability of the system.

Droop is calculated as:
% Droop = (Speed at No Load– Speed at Rated Full Load} x 100/Full Load Rated Sped

If speed setting increases with increase in load, the governor is showing negative droop. It will cause instability of a governor.

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what is droop?..

Answer / gulg

Droop is the decrease of speed or frequency in response to
load increas.

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what is droop?..

Answer / haancoh

Keeping it short, there are mechanical droop affecting kW
(real power) and voltage droop affecting VAR(reactive).Both
should be set the same for all generators operating in
synchronism so that the kW and VAR sharing between the
generators are more stable, especially during sudden load

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what is droop?..

Answer / chirag trivedi

A typical governor provides continuous adjudtment to a
throttle in an effort to maintain a constant speed. Drop
governor allows engine speed to drop when a load is applied
to the engine. The amount of droop is a characteristic of a
particular mechanical governor and is determined in a part
by a spring rate of the governor spring and the tension
applied to the control member by the governor spring.
Permanent droop(%)={[(measuring uncertainty in Hz)/50]/
[(stroke of control mechanism)/(maximum strope of control
Sorce IEC 60308

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what is droop?..

Answer / mal jones

Droop or brewers droop is when your cock cannot become erect due to excessive alcohol consumption

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