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IEEE Interview Questions
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why telecom tower having two color( Red and White)in all of the world, any solid reason

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Why transformer rating in KVA? and Generator also?

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Whether the LIGHTNING is AC or DC?

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why root three is used and how its comes in three phase power system?

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Un-Answered Questions

why you consider fit for the post applied for?


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I have a requirement from the SD people wherein whenver one runs the tcode F-02 (Enter G/L account Policy : Header Data), they should not get the list of all acounts in the ACCOUNT field. But when i go to pfcg to check for restricting the list, i dont find any pertinet auth field for doing so. Isi t something that we can ( as Basis Admin) do or the ABAPpers to do. Maybe the ABAPpers have to program the screen where in they need to restrict the list options. If not so, lemme know the auth field that has to bet set if any.


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