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UltraTech Interview Questions
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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?

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How to calculate kva? what is the formula.

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ultratech cement have askd to me during inerview what is market mapping , how will you draw your market share ?

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How to select the rating of a CT used for REF protection. The rating can be of equal rating of Phase current or neutral current rating

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which concrete grade has highest strenth and what is its comosition?

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How to calculate the size of window A.C. for 200 Sq. ft room?

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Why A.C. capacity given in Ton. Ex. - 1.5 Ton

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i want to know is it possible to generate usefull power by coupling generator with motor & supply gives to motor by battery source then generator generates power. remove the battery source given to the motor & feed the supply from some of the generated power supply to the motor & motor runs continously. generator generate power it possible ?

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How to convert farad to kvar. both are the unit of capacitor.

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what is differance between PLC system and DCS system Proggramming. Give me answer. Thanks.

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what is the job of mechanical engineer in a cement plant??

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for a 5hp motor to operate from 100kva generator ,what size of cable required in sqmm.

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Expand sqcm?

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All industrial (power plant, sugar. Cement etc...) chimneys are circular in shape rather than any other shapes... Y..?

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Un-Answered Questions

how can implement dropdownlist in particular of dataset when try to update?


how deployment phase of SDLC differs in product based and in service based company ?


what are the 3 test tool categories and describe what each can do.


source : xml file target: xml file how can we check data loaded into target xml file using writing sql query. pls help on this asap.


whatis the test condition for the leakage current rating for 25kv high voltage test on PVC armoured cable?


Describe the sections included in a typical bill of quantities


How to Define a Socket?


How to estimate chlorophyll in microalgae?


Explain the architecture of computer in detail with diagram?


sir iam dng my engg final yr (civil) iam intrested to write group_1 .if we write this exam what kind of jobs we get and what should be the minimum score for us to get qualified and iam having reservation too.


what is the use of schema in biztalk and why we use schema?


Pl's confirm me this entry how to pass in Tally 9.0 & Tally ERP.9 that if I purchase 20 mobile,30 phone,20 LCD,15 laptop from mangesh @ Rs.7000,Rs.200,Rs.17000 and Rs.14000 respectively on each. But I purchase by cash and 15 days later I sold half of the thing to priya margin of Rs.100 on each by cheque and rest i sold to minal on cash margin of Rs.200 on each. But I received cash 1 month later. so calculate how much profit I got by selling the products.


how maney type tempereture measurement ?


If I can absorb 9,000 lux of sunlight in the bottom of a pool what will the temp rise be per hour, per square foot of absorbing material, per gallon be? Temp of pool deck 115 degrees, water temp 75 degrees, 120,000 lux on the pool deck


how to one war file class to another war file class?


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