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UltraTech Interview Questions
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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?

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1)how can calibrate temperature transmitter? 2)how can calibrate flow transmitter? 3)how can calibrate level transmitter?

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How to calculate kva? what is the formula.

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ultratech cement have askd to me during inerview what is market mapping , how will you draw your market share ?

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How to select the rating of a CT used for REF protection. The rating can be of equal rating of Phase current or neutral current rating

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which concrete grade has highest strenth and what is its comosition?

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How to calculate the size of window A.C. for 200 Sq. ft room?

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Why A.C. capacity given in Ton. Ex. - 1.5 Ton

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i want to know is it possible to generate usefull power by coupling generator with motor & supply gives to motor by battery source then generator generates power. remove the battery source given to the motor & feed the supply from some of the generated power supply to the motor & motor runs continously. generator generate power it possible ?

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How to convert farad to kvar. both are the unit of capacitor.

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what is differance between PLC system and DCS system Proggramming. Give me answer. Thanks.

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what is the job of mechanical engineer in a cement plant??

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for a 5hp motor to operate from 100kva generator ,what size of cable required in sqmm.

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Expand sqcm?

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All industrial (power plant, sugar. Cement etc...) chimneys are circular in shape rather than any other shapes... Y..?

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