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Philips Interview Questions
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we have three windows with title(logical description),,Government of,India three windows have similar properties and object.A test script has to be run on all these windows.what changes will u make in GUI or script so that the script runs succesfully on all these three windows with the least alteration required? Please explain clearly with steps.

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PHILIPS PLACEMENT PAPERS ________ Placement Paper 2

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what is meant by cyclomatic complexity???

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what is difference between load ,strss and perofrmance??? can u explain me with example???

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tell me about ur current project???

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Process in ur company??? Y only V?? y not waterfall and spiral??? tell me advantages and disadvantages??

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swap 2 variables without using 3 rd variable???

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write negative testcases for notepad

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can we use 220 volt 15 w a.c. lamp on 220 volt d.c.

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What is your strenghts and weakness points?

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tell me yourself ? if i have 5 years sales and marketing?


I need to get the values of the previous to do this?eg: if my cuurent month is may i need to get the datas of the month jan,feb,march.Can it be done in oracle.I tried with date function q but for the month jan its not retriving the previous quarter(oct-dec).how to solve this.plpz anyone help me?

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What is the basic stuff you require to begin creating test cases?

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which inert gas is flowing in tube light?

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Un-Answered Questions

What’s the special use of UNIONS?


In which term & condition excise invoice raises & for what excise invoice raise?


Why reactive power is needed in a power system? How is it being absorbed or delivered by alternators? For reactive power control we are changing excitation but reactive power absorbing or delivering related to stator. How these two are interlinked? i want a detailed explanation with necessary expressions and figures?


Will I Have To Go To Court?


Can share warrants issued by the company be considered as potential equity shares? If yes, then will it be considered for calculating dilutive EPS?


can you explain the dealer management in the auto mobile industry


what is maxdna ?. explain about the software details.




We have got some values for Field F1 say 1,2,3,4 and F2 say 10,10,10,10.Now can you tell me what would be the output for F1 if we use At End Of event?and what would be the output for F2 if we use At Last event?Also i want to know what is the difference between Total calculation for At end event and grand total for At last event???


"EOleSysError : Error loading type library/DLL" . what does this error mean?


if any civil contractor provide service to education institute, then there is an exemption for service tax liability, and he should be quoted it on its invoice, can u provide me sample invoice formats


What are the business benefits involved in cloud architecture?


what is difference between int and intwritable?


Explain the concept of segmentaion.


In HPLC calibration, caffeine is used as primary standard for wave length calibration due to caffeine is having dual maxima at 273 & 205 nm and one minima at 245 nm. Any body can give reference of these details from any pharmacopeia (with chapter no.) or any other authentic guideline?


Philips Interview Questions
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