Why generator is not connecting in delta ..why connecting in star ?

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Answer / guest

In star connection voltage/phase=line voltage/1.73 and emf induced in generator is directly proportional to number of turns. So in star connection we have to use less number of turns & insulation.star connection is most economical than delta

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Answer / ajay

Delta have 3rd harmonics which maintain circulating current in closed delta which cause heating effect. 
Y connection provide neutral for installing relays and circuit breakers which are connected in per phase manner.

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Answer / narahari

in delta line voltage=phase voltage,but in star connection line voltage=root3*phase voltage then it gives more voltage than in star

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Answer / nitin khatana

generator are always connected in star to prevent 3rd harmonics circulating current.another reason is in star connection (v line/root 3 =vph) so insulation thickness requirement is less in star in the given space and slot.

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