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Marriott Interview Questions
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Give an example of when you have risen to a challenge set for you?


what are the main organisation and coordination schemes currently being used by NTAS?


why do you want to join our hotel

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why you join the hotel industry?

46 198450

why we should hire you?

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What are your development areas?

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Have you ever worked with someone that you did not get along with as part of a team? How did you

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what will you achieve for the company if you are employed to work

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why we should recruit you?


why you want to join j w marriott? and tell me about j w marriott property and its owner

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why is the earthing pin on 3 pin top are big and thick

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1 Amp = kva ? 1 Amp =KW ?

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how u measure/calculate renge of capacitor,capacitor has no any rating tag.what is the theory of measure of capacitons.


have u any web site who can give all electrical sum's to solve counting easy like how to convert 1kw=?Kva.

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Un-Answered Questions

Hi there, I am new to the world of testing. Is there any place where I can have a look at an actual specification documents or test plans or test cases. This will help me in generating a level of confidence. Looking forward to your replies


Are you involved in writing the inferential analysis plan? Tables specfications?


How to change replication factor of files already stored in HDFS?


surge tank, hrc fuse, earthing transformer, firm power objective type


write a c program in such a way that if we enter the today date the output should be next day's date.


Describe the test procedure to determine the vector group


difference between f distribution and p values?


'Trying to append data to a non-partial dataset' . what does this error indicates?


The old welding machine use electro- -magnetic winding to step up the current for welding rods,what is new principle inside the welding


What is fuel requirement of 20kg/hr of incineration having material calorific value 6500 kcal/kg and diesel calorific value 10707 Kcal/Kg (PCC=850 degC and SCC 1050 Deg c)


I have advance payment scenario where customer want advance payment cannot be used against another sales order and against any credit limit. Let me put one example. Customer X is having credit limit of 1000 USD, if my client is received customized product order then he will take advance for this special order but customer X is already enjoying credit limit of 1000 USD. In this scenario my client wants advance payment received cannot use against any sales order and against any credit limit. If I will post advance payment in F-29 then customer credit exposure will decrease against credit limit in FD32 which will affect normal sales order credit limit. Here customer does not want to utilize advance payment against credit limit of customer which is use for normal sales order. Please suggest


Can some one help me writing a manual test case for email applications like yahoo i need for


How to Converta RGB color to a CMYK color?


What is the use of Strftime function?


where are the passwords for ITS stores?


Marriott Interview Questions
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