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GMR Interview Questions
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What is the difference between online ups and offline ups?

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what is inrush current in transformer?

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what is the diffrence between tds and vat?

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How to measure ducting in HVAC.

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What is pile foundation?

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what is the similarity and difference between ups and inverter?

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What is C curve and D curve of MCB?

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What is hysteresis losses?

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What is third harmonic?what is the effect of it?


what are the mixing of M10,M15,M20,M25,M30grades?

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how to understand the controling circuits example star- delta-starter controling daigram please let me know

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how many earthing should give for transformer body and nuetral

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Can we use delta-star neutral grounded 3 phase power transformer bi-directionally.

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how to synchronize 3 phase slip ring induction motors of different ratings.


can we use existing delta star with neutral grounded,step down(6.6kV/415V), 3 phase power transformer bi-directionally.

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Un-Answered Questions

i want report country wise with invoice number for gl account


what kind of question can be asked in interview for UV- VISIBLE & give me answer ?


what is metering cum synchronizing panel and how it is used?


If I want to connect a capacitor bank on the HT side of a 11kV/415V, 3 phase delta-star distribution transformer to supply Reactive power to it..what practical specifications of a Capacitor bank that can i've??please reply..


as we are having are unit in a area where excise duty is not applicable and on my purchase i am paying excise duty can i take refund of the duty paid by me and what was is procedure? plz. replay to my on my id


Have you ever been involved in Testing?


21. Using a set operator, display the client number of all clients who have ever placed an order and whose whose name does not contain the string Sm.


How do you send the output of a script as an email attachment


What DB View and Bus View?


I am not sure about the syllabus of the BHEl esam for the post of Engineer trainee so I want to know it and also send me model question papers


Safety of on line ups


what is indian economics?


What are the challenges u faced in testing with crm domain? How u overcome with?


what is the ecological importance of mycophytes?


can anybody mail the exact sylabuss for ECIL


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