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GMR Interview Questions
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What is the difference between online ups and offline ups?

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what is inrush current in transformer?

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what is the diffrence between tds and vat?

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How to measure ducting in HVAC.

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What is pile foundation?

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what is the similarity and difference between ups and inverter?

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What is C curve and D curve of MCB?

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What is hysteresis losses?

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What is third harmonic?what is the effect of it?


what are the mixing of M10,M15,M20,M25,M30grades?

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how to understand the controling circuits example star- delta-starter controling daigram please let me know

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how many earthing should give for transformer body and nuetral

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Can we use delta-star neutral grounded 3 phase power transformer bi-directionally.

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how to synchronize 3 phase slip ring induction motors of different ratings.


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Un-Answered Questions

What is safety of Ht panel


Please explain me abt PQ diagaram in the power sector.


give me the formula for analog to digital converter and also d to a converter


Hi, Is there limit of applicablity of excise payment for any orgnization...?? what is date of excise payment..?? Excise return date & what procedure & how to take benifit availing service tax in excise return..? What form reuire for Excise Return..??


What should be the length of transmission line so that we can see/obtain the full sine wave of voltage??


please post the interview questions for QA position in FACTSET


what is cause of static electricity? I experience shock when i touch metal equipment in a room ,furher check shows earth leakage showing 80ma at the DB near to the 400 MCCB?


what kind of problem arise when two host share same Harware address?


what does 50 denote in dowex 50 ????


i need the working and properties of the sextent and all the objects and much more about sextent..


What is wheel chamber in steam turbine?is it impulse blades are called wheel chamber in the steam turbine?


PUVA therapy is sometimes prescribed to psoriasis patients, but isn't that bad for their skin in terms of UV exposure? What do you recommend?


what is procedure of actual procedure for registration of drug?


witch pump used in wtp


if u ve resrevation for train and u get a number supose 1234xxxokie.after sucessul entering all required fields. now u put that number in search and want to chk wether these ar same or not if both ar same then its okie otherwise test fail.what would be the vb script code for it to compare these two values of different page.


GMR Interview Questions
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