for 24000kv transformer what is the value earthing resistence?

Answer / gaurav

2 to 4ohm

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Whai isPCC and MCC Difference?

1 Answers   Pretech Plast,

How do we calculate transformer oil in liter from the rating of the transformer.

0 Answers   BARC,

hai now i am working as a electrical design engineer in construction field can i get a job in oil and gass field or power plant project as a electrical design engineer?

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Could the power factor on electrical system can affect the registration of the kwhr meter or the CT/PT? 

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How do the synchronizing lamps indicate the correctness of phase sequence between existing and incoming alternators?

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How can step up and step down process in power transformer

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what is the IEC standard for Power Cable installation in onshore (like in direct buried ground or above groung)

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we can use airconditioner for cooling the winding of transformer ,if not why?

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Is there any Institution (Not AMIE)for giving B-Tech/M-tech in Electrical engineering for those who r in service? Give the details please.

2 Answers  

where does 22kv line starts

0 Answers   Eskom,

Electrical breakdown strength of an insulating material depends on............?why because?

2 Answers  

why co incidence factor considered in transformer sizing?

0 Answers  

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