In v/08 what is the significance of assigning pricing type
like carry out new pricing etc.

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In v/08 what is the significance of assigning pricing type like carry out new pricing etc...

Answer / muhammad mustafha


Basically we are doing settings in v/08.
In sales order you can view pricing at item level at header

BE CHANGE system will allow you to carryout new price at
item level and at header level for particular sales document
type like OR, from this setting end user can update new
price for that material during sales order processing and
there by system allows you to calculate pricing as per new
price which is changed or updated. if you doesnt set this
UPDATED in v/08 t-code than system does not allow you to
carryout new pricing for particular sales order.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Muhammad Mustafha

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In v/08 what is the significance of assigning pricing type like carry out new pricing etc...

Answer / manoj kumar guin

Suppose you want to carry out new price at sales order or
billing , this pricing type is useful .

For example, one scenario where you have created one order
today and yoru complete the order, but the delivery will be
created after 3 months latter and as a result there should
be a new price which is different to the old price should be
carried . So, in this case manually we can change the price
and the pricing type will helpful here .

Manoj Kumar guin

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