What is application packaging in SAP FICO

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concept of Trajery mangement , fund management and RTR concept.............

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What is mean by DME , IN APP WHERE IT ASSIGN

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what is meant by special depreciation area

4 Answers   Cap Gemini,

While doing entry in Fb60 or F-43 I am getting the error message "Could not determine the year for TDS Certificate number range". I think I have to mention the excise year somewhere can u help me out where to assign it in SAP? Thanks Nitin

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If error comes Missing due line items in APP then whats the solution please ?

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what is mean by enterprise structure

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I'm facing a problem while posting a transaction, the errors showing "withholding tax amount exceed the total line item." I know the anmount calculated is more than the Base amount itself. But as i'm not a FI candidate, I want to know from where I have to change so that I can do the transaction, condition is that I cannot change any rate and code of ewt tax. Pls. help me out, it's urgent.

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What is a Cross company code.Please explain in brief.

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What are steps of Automatic Payment Run

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how to control transport cost with sale invoices :- I want to know how to map tranport cost with respective sale invoices. This help us to avoid duplicate transport payment. As in PO freight condition is maintained ,is there is anyway to link or map transport cost with sale invoices

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what is the t. code accounting entry for p2p

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What is Year shift displacement in SAP FICO

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