as sap sd functional consultant tell me about debugging

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as sap sd functional consultant tell me about debugging..

Answer / satish

Hi Debuging is the tool with the help of which functional
consultant can know why the particular error is comming and
as to where to loop or interface in the program is not
properly defined so that he can communicate it in right
terms to the Technical consultant regarding the code . The
trasaction is by switching on /H and then enter the
trasaction code for the same

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as sap sd functional consultant tell me about debugging..

Answer / nish

Debugging means finding out the errors or or it is a tool to analyze the programs and finding out why the sys is throwing error. It is used to find out the non standard errors or errors due to z-enhancements and we can even forcely send the parameters to documents through this to solve the issue or can properly communicate with the technical consultant regarding the same. T-Code - /H and then click 'Classic debugging.

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