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Quick setting cement's setting time?

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Quick setting cement's setting time?..

Answer / nikhil chaudhary

5 minutes initial and 30 min final setting time

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Quick setting cement's setting time?..

Answer / raghu


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Quick setting cement's setting time?..

Answer / balamurugan

Intial setting time 5-30 min. Final setting time 10 hours.

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Quick setting cement's setting time?..

Answer / udhaykumar

Quick setting cement : - In the cement, the initial setting time is starting from 5 mnts & also 30 mnts (final setting time) will change to hard state..

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Quick setting cement's setting time?..

Answer / manikanta73

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Quick setting cement's setting time?..

Answer / siva

initial setting time of quick setting cement is 5 minutes... and final setting time of cement is 30 minutes

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Quick setting cement's setting time?..

Answer / jitender mishra

TIME IS 5 TO 30 minits and fanial setting is 24 hour

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