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Sobha Developers Interview Questions
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Method of findingthe dry ingredient quantity of 1 m3 concrete.

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What is diversity factor and how to calculate it

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formula for cable size calculation for current?

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what is mean by shear resistance in concrete?

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Can we operate a DG Set in paralell with Transformer ?

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plz give me the rate of RCC(1cuM), PCC(1 cuM), Brick Work (1sqM)?

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What is the capacity of the Fastners 12mm?


how to calculate quantities of sand , cement & aggregate in 1m3 - M20 , 1m2 of 6mm/12mm/20mm plaster , 1m3 20cm/ 1m2 of 10cm brick wall, paint quantity for 1m2 snowcem and lime painting?

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how many no of cement bags required for 1:4 plastering for 100 sqft? how many no of cement bags required for 1:3 plastering for ceiling for 100 sqft?

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i want to make this calution for making a buliding but i dont know the formula for this and also how much cement concrete an sand use for this calculation,calculation is below(100ft lenths 75ftwidth and 100mm thikness)plz brife the calcution thanks

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how many mason and labaur work for a 1 brass bricks plz let me know the calculate & how to made calculation for this and whats the formulas for this?


how to calculate water cement ratio?

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Please provide detail I.S standard code for using crush sand instead of river sand for plaster and concrete grade M15, M20, M25 and M30 and its mix design

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If a 12m main road straight is adjoined from both sides by 7.5 m road , how curves are given at corner for vehicle movement (measurement pls.)?

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how can u extent the final setting time of cement?

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Sobha Developers Interview Questions
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