i want to make this calution for making a buliding but i
dont know the formula for this and also how much cement
concrete an sand use for this calculation,calculation is
below(100ft lenths 75ftwidth and 100mm thikness)plz brife
the calcution thanks

i want to make this calution for making a buliding but i dont know the formula for this and also h..

Answer / jitender mishra

T0TAL QTY.100X75X.32=2400/35.31=67.96 M3
IF THE MIX-1:2:4
1/7=0.142X1.52=.217M3 CEMENT
.217/28.28=6.13BAG CEMENT
=.217*2=.434M3 SAND
=.217*4=.868M3 ARRREGATE

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