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why u choose MBA In HR After B.A?

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why u choose MBA In HR After B.A?..

Answer / priya

I chose to do mba with specialization in HR because of the
scope to interact with all level of management right from
junior to top- level, infact HR is the only branch that acts
as a bridge between the management and the employee. Right
kind of approach and communication is the key aspect to
maintain a good rapport, as I am proficient in communicating
the informations correctly and also as I possess the most
important qualities required to be a good HR, I chose this

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why u choose MBA In HR After B.A?..

Answer / monika pundir soam

Thank u for asking dis ques sir/ma'am
dis is very close to my life.
When i am doing B.A as my graduation, i have no idea
about the scope or my career. at that time i realize that i
am very slow in making my career. at that time i decide to
stand up.
and management is the only subject which u find in every
course like engineering, hotel management,etc,
every org, every small company needs management it self, and
for this i am available sir/ma'am.

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