How much kg of sand,cement will be for 1 sqmt(Blockwork-size 400x200x200)1:4 ratio & same for plaster

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How much kg of sand,cement will be for 1 sqmt(Blockwork-size 400x200x200)1:4 ratio & same for pl..

Answer / harinath sharma

It's depend upon thickness of block work, if 4oo mm block
work then it's required 0.28 bag cement & 0.04 cuft sand.
for 200mm block work it's required .0106 bags cement,0.0147
cuft sand.
for plaster quantity depend thickness of plaster.

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How much kg of sand,cement will be for 1 sqmt(Blockwork-size 400x200x200)1:4 ratio & same for pl..

Answer / nice kk

in ratio 1 is cement those dry value is 40 kg
and 4 is send those dry vaue is 88 kg approx

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