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Gammon Interview Questions
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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 2

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Next to UP which is the state sending maximum number of MP?s to Lok Sabha? (a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Maharashtra (c) Bihar (d) Andhra Pradesh

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The Constitution of India was passed on (a) 26th January, 1950 (b) 26th January, 1949 (c) 26th January, 1951 (d) 26th November, 1949

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What is meant by 'zero value' in quantity surveying.

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sir please send me campus placement questions in civil engineering


If some service provider gives a bill having service tax. say cost of service is Rs 100, He is adding 12.36% sevice tax. Total comes 112.36. we have to deduct TDS @ 11.33%. On what amount we should deduct TDS? (on 100 or 112.36 )

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What is a HRC fuse (Full form)

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1)What is Suggested type of cement for concreting at water, for mass concreting and where the chaces of gettin attucked by salt? 2)How many types of camber? 3)why we always preffer short column in case of residential building? 4) Is there any advantages between the use of One way slab & two way slab? 5)What shoul be the % of steel for R. C. C. perpose based on volume & area ?

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give me the mix proportion for design mix concrete M10 grade 1:4:8

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1) write Short notes about Shellow & Deep well? 2) What is the full form of SPT & SMB? write short notes. 3) write short notes about efficiency of Riveted joint.


what is the load bearing capacity of the scafolding pipe (50mm) and other.

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how do we calculate quantity of cement , sand and aggregates in 1 m3 of M30 grade concrete ?

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how to find the percentage for minimum reinforcements as per IS:456 for beam , column, slabs.??

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Concrete Mix designs for M15,M20,M25,M30 and M35

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What do you understand by Fe250 grade steel?

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Un-Answered Questions

Folder types in smatforms? 2)What is Command line?


what's the difference between front and rear wheel drive?on what basis we choose the type of drive?


How to test Fonts and its size thru "Font Expert" in Win Runner.


how to download fullversion of JIRA(defect reporting s/w) s/w for free.can any provide web site for full version free download.


i wanted to know about questions about c,c++ , which is required for placements.... im a fresher


How to create an About Box in Delphi or C++ Builder?


How to calculate the approximate size of the SGA based on the size of the block,shared_pool,redo_buffer_cache and db_buffer_cache?


how much TDS required in telecommunication services ? Any types of Telecommunication, provider or services receiver


___________ algorithm keeps track of k states rather than just one. a) Hill-Climbing search b) Local Beam search c) Stochastic hill-climbing search d) Random restart hill-climbing search


diffrence between fmea, pfmea,


Teradata: How can we know the indexed column in a table?


How do an incremental process model and certification work together to produce high quality software? In your own words, describe the intent of certification in the clean room software engineering context.


How to do and Apply Themes to Datagrid,Lable,Textbox,etc., in C#.NET 2005 Windows Application? (like who we will do themes in ASP.NET using .CSS and .SKIN files). Urgent!!


what are bitmap indexes? How does they work?


How TCP/IP Handles Sequencing?


Gammon Interview Questions
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