integration with fi to pp steps

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Reconciliation Ledger?

11 Answers  

What are the tables will deal a sap fico consultant?

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iam done billing document in sales order is not cost object the billing entry is not genearated the error is foreign trade data missing

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what is functional area?

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what is the difference between validations and substution?

4 Answers   IBM,

what is end to end impletion? and what are the areas to be involved by fi consultant from starting to end could you pls explaing anybody.? Rgds, Swapna Sinha

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How do you configure multiple currency and foreign currency valuations?

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Hi, In AP when i click on payment run in APP, Its showing messege that company code not in paying company code

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In G/L master records there is a field( in control tab)'alternate account number'. What is required to be filled in that field?

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In down payment configuration through OBXR what concept behind for in SAP for down payment Key

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what is workbench transport request?

6 Answers   Infosys,

What is Business process in sap contorlling

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