please any body can tell me ,what reponsibilities and roles
should a sap fico consultant do in the job

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what is the difference between leading and non leading ledger.

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Usually how many abapers in a project?

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What is born in sale?

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what are the organisational assignment to a co code ?

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What are the documents require for Born in sale in relation to sales tax?

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Explain APP steps... can we do posting w'out invoice ?

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differance between business area and segment

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What is accrual calculation?

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1.How do we get the list of delted parked documets? Is it possiblity to view those documents? If yes how?

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What is the Chart of Accounts? How to assign the company or companies?

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Situation:- We are following fiscal year is Jan to Dec. we purchased an asset for Rs 1,00,000 /- and we are calculated on this asset depreciation is 10%. At the time of 12th period (Dec) my client is realized that we should have been charged at 5% instead of 10% depreciation. Question:- How you will adjust the depreciation to 5% which has already been charged with 10% on the previous periods (i.e Jan to Nov). Note: it has been changed the depreciation key to 5% on Dec month and same assigned to the particular asset master data. Your valuable suggestion on this much appreciated.

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From G/L accounts data is not getting updated in special purpose ledger (data flow not happening for some company codes) what all may be the reasons ?? How to rectify it??

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