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what is an alternator & generator

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what is an alternator & generator..

Answer / ashraf adnan

alternator is a device used to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy.Usually this alternator is attached together with prime mover such as turbine to move this alternator.while generator is a device used to generate electric

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what is an alternator & generator..

Answer / kapil

alternator is three phase synchronous generator,whereas
generator can be ac or dc

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what is an alternator & generator..

Answer / avinash

ac generator is called as alternator

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what is an alternator & generator..

Answer / monika

I think an alternator changes the power fom dirrect or
alternating, or the opposite dunno about a generator

Some added information: both the generator and the
alternator take mechanical energy from the engine and
convert it to electrical energy to charge the battery and
to supply the electrical loads of the vehicle.

The alternator does this by rotating a magnetic field
created in a moving rotor coil through the stationary
windings of the stator field. the generator does this by
having a stationary magnetic field winding be intercepted
by the rotating wires of the armature.

In both machines, the output is intially alternating
current. In the case of the generator this is rectified to
DC by the switching action of the commutator. In the case
of the alternator it is done through the use of silicon

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what is an alternator & generator..

Answer / khajamian

AC signal producing generator are otherwise called as an

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