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what is XLPE type cable

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what is XLPE type cable..

Answer / khadar baba mohammad

it stands for cross linked polythelene

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what is XLPE type cable..

Answer / deepak kumar

Cross linked poly ethylene

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what is XLPE type cable..

Answer / muhammad saleem

Not only in HV XLPE avaiable also in LV please check in NEC
book.cuz less then 600V LV above 600V to 5KV MV and above
5KV or higher HV, but XLPE avaiable in all rating.

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what is XLPE type cable..

Answer / kiran

Cross linked poly ethylene

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what is XLPE type cable..

Answer / imtiaz

it is stand for croslinked polythelien its use for low
voltage,meduim voltage ,and high voltage.

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what is XLPE type cable..

Answer / subrat kumar swain

In the ht cable there is a insulation on the aluminium and copper conductor. it provide mechanical strength and safety. this type cable is called xlpe type cable.

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what is XLPE type cable..

Answer / mahesh.s

Cross Linked Polyehylene in HT cable used on 11Kv above

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what is XLPE type cable..

Answer / shaan from madurai

XLPE cable only used for HV transmission.and this is
polyethylene cable.

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