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If genrator not build up voltage , How u can Manually
Excite ?

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If genrator not build up voltage , How u can Manually Excite ?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

You can use outside DC source to excite the field

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If genrator not build up voltage , How u can Manually Excite ?..

Answer / kj

This is usually done by flashing the alternator. Turn of
load first.
Disconnect the AVR and connect the battery (9-12 volts)
across the field. Must be same polarity as the AVR. Run
generator and check output voltage. Voltage will usually be
higher then normal. if no voltage or unbalanced voltage the
windings or rotating diodes are faulty.
Stop generator and disconnect battery and reconnect AVR.
Try starting generator set again and check if voltage
present. If still not working replace AVR and try again.

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