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Balco Interview Questions
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. Bauxite is used in: (a) Aluminium Industry (b) Steel Industry (c) Vegetable Ghee Industry (d) Cotton textile Industry

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what is the Differnece between IPLC & ISDN?

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What is the basic difference between earthing, ground and neutral?

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When neutral is grounded in electrical circuit?

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When a timer is placed in RS Logix 5000 with preset value less than its scan time it is malfunctioning. i.e., if the preset is set to 30ms still the timer TT bit is counting till 150ms(its scan time). Any solution for the problem?

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why ct ,cvt should be stored in a vertical position?


why vaccume required in turbine?

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One TR = ?kacl/hour One US Gallon = ?liters

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what is the purpose of using battery in dg sets, please specify in details.

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What is reason of rating of transmission line multi pal of 11 like as 11/33/66/220 ? Why not use 75 kv 23 kv line in power system ?

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