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Honda Interview Questions
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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 2

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To which the Article 360 of the Constitution of India relates ?

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State with the largest foodgrain production in: (a) MP (b) UP (c) AP (d) Punjab

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?Unicorn? motorbike model has been launched by which company? 1 Hero 2 TVS 3 Honda 4 Yamaha

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What is difference between "terms of payment" and "payment terms" Fields are available in vendor master purchasing view and accounting view respectively. System can take two differnt values for same vendor? why different values are maintained?

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want rrb section engineer previous questions papers of chennia of mechanical department

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Which of the following is used as a lubricant? 1 Graphite 2 Silica 3 Diamond 4 Iron oxide

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if HR asks about, to tel us about automobile engineering wht should we answer him

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what is the Ageing analysis?what is the purpose?

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why a vaccum is created in condenser

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what are the necessary basic electrical topics to learn for mechanical engineer to deal practical problems.


If we are late sitting in the office after office Time then any expenses like Fooding charges is made during this hours is taxable under FBT??? If there are Two conditions 1. Staff take reimbursement of such expenses. 2- company directly pay expenses

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Detailed working of a diesel generator set ?

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Sir, plz tell me how droop setting is done in parellel operation od DG set ? please give practical example ?


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Un-Answered Questions

write the 10 prime nos program in c++?


Why did you changed your career from Hotel Management to MBA in HR ?


What is DBGo?


How to select cable the size, what is the parameters use and what is the formulas use for this cable size calculation?


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What is higher IMP or BHR


What is Cycling Frequency Hopping?


Hi friends..cud any help to get QC 9.2 trial..i tried with HP site but did'nt got it..please help me out


) Shall be responsible for the inspection/ maintenance of all the yard Assets as per the Maintenance procedure and maintain/update the related records correctly


difference betwwen the 4.6 & 4.7 ecc versions


Hii if you not select open item Management in GL Creation. What is the impact in transaction


What is the behavior of the L2 Switch in case of receiving a multicast packet.


6)how do you determine texts?


If a consultant charged his fee n receive so can i pass the journal entry n how i can i maintain bal sheet


Hi i am Ramesh want to know that which course in sap is most suitable for my younger brother who has BSC qualification and is this course is job oriented


Honda Interview Questions
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