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how can we check a fully charged battery?

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how can we check a fully charged battery?..

Answer / hitendra

By multimeter

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how can we check a fully charged battery?..

Answer / ruthie

It could be checked by finding out the voltage across the
teminals using a voltmeter. The voltage obtained is then
cross-checked with the reference battery voltage at full

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how can we check a fully charged battery?..

Answer / rahul

its so simple because the voltage is always mentioned in the
battery we can check it using a multimeter or voltmeter or
using a hydrometer we can check the specific gravity of the
battery a fully charged battery have a gravity of 12.75 and
weak have 12.50 and below

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how can we check a fully charged battery?..

Answer / raghavendran

Consider a 12 volt battery having 6 cells and each cell
charged to 2 volts.When the cell is fully charged then the
total voltage across the battery will show 12.6 volts under
no load condition.Then it means that cell is 100% charged.

2) if it shows 12.4volts, then its 75% charged.
3) if it shows 12.2 Volts then it is 50% charged.
4) if it shows 12.0 volts then it is 25% charged.

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how can we check a fully charged battery?..

Answer / vinod g

Lead ACID battery: three consecutive hourly reading of
specific gravity (1.21)and voltage (2.14)will be same
during charging or with specific gravity and voltage.

NiCd: with charging current on rated voltage

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how can we check a fully charged battery?..

Answer / ankita singh

through battery state of charge if all the ball r floating
then we can check the fully charged battery.

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