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what is thermocouple output

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what is thermocouple output..

Answer / mayurparmar79


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what is thermocouple output..

Answer / s k

Its the millivolt out put because it works on the emf
generation,which is produced when difference in the
temperature of two junction is there, i,e the current will
flow in the closed loop between the junction

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what is thermocouple output..

Answer / mohammad reyaz ansari

millivolt DC

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what is thermocouple output..

Answer / rajesh kumar

it works on the principle of seeback and peltier effect
it generates mv as output

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what is thermocouple output..

Answer / munr

out put isd on seebeck effect milli volt base

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what is thermocouple output..

Answer / makinde motunrayo


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what is thermocouple output..

Answer / prasad appadi

T/C out put  is milli volts it is based working has see-back effect .

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