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What is the basic difference between synchronous machine
and induction machiine?

What is the basic difference between synchronous machine and induction machiine?..

Answer / iamdon

The differences can be outlines as follows:

1)The synchronous machine runs at synchronous speed at
steady condition(It oscillates during transients which
finally settle down) which is fixed for a particular
machine.The induction machies always runs at speed lower
then synchronous speed.
2)In synchronous machines field winding(generally placed on
rotor)carry DC.Where as in case of Induction machines rotor
winding carry AC.
3)In case of synchronous machines field winding is suplied
from external source where as in case of Induction machines
current is induced in rotor conductor by induction process
(Thats why it is called induction machine).

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